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The most challenging garment by far for home sewers has to be pants. They are a very complex garment, but a well fitting pair of pants is so worth creating. There are so many critical measurements to take! Because a pant block is generated from a skirt block, some of the adjustments are easy to do, like waist and hip circumference. But the crotch curve is more complex and individual.

It doesn't help that most American pattern companies design their pants wider in the hip and thigh and shorter in the crotch curve than their European counterparts. Save yourself frustration by trying a pants pattern from Burda or an independent company like Eureka or StyleArc the next time you make a foray into pants. These companies cut their pants much like the fashion industry, which is the look we're trying to duplicate. If you have a well-fitting pair of pants, compare its seamlines to those in a Burda, Eureka or StyleArc pattern. They may not be an exact match, but will be much closer than what's offered in a McCall's or Simplicity pattern. And of course, make a muslin!

Two good online sources for trustworthy information about pants are Sarah Veblen and Alexandra Morgan of In-House Patterns. Both offer top-notch videos and excellent books. We'll be exploring pants in depth this Fall.