Sewing inspiration is everywhere in the beautiful light of Spring. Before the trees leaf out and change it with their shade, take time to appreciate true color. Black and white are always practical and chic, but why not venture into the whole spectrum to enliven your sewing projects? Spring and summer fabrics are especially good receptors of dyes, from delicate silks to toothy linens. Now's the time to begin planning your warm weather creations. Eventually, we are going to put those heavy coats and boots away and slip into sandals and summer dresses.

If you haven't taken your measurements lately, it might be a good idea after months of being less active. A successful project depends on good fit, and that start with accurate measurements. If you don't have a sewing buddy to help you, I'm always happy to assist with measuring.

Spring classes begin April 2, with offerings for beginner and experienced students. Details are on the Classes page. Gift certificates are always available (Mother's Day?) . Looking forward to meeting you in April

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