This is a great time of year to dive a little deeper into the sewing pattern and the great fit it can provide. Commercial patterns can be a real time saver if they are tweaked to personalize them. And the first step in that personalization is a good set of measurements. There's nothing worse than having an obstacle thrown in the path of our sewing enthusiasm. An out of date or incorrect set of measurements can sabotage a whole project.

Many of you have read the News tab about using measurements when selecting the correct size commercial pattern. Your comments however, have been about the difficulty in taking those measurements accurately. Even the gymnasts and yoga practicioners among us can't reach some places on the body. And not all of us have a sewing buddy to help out with this critical step. To offer a little assistance with that challenge, I'm adding something new for 2024: Fit Clinic. During this one hour private session I'll help you get an accurate set of measurements and learn how to apply it to choosing and adjusting a commercial pattern. If this interests you, details for sign-up are on the Classes Tab.


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