September is the month of transition and clarity. How can it be near already? Letting go of all the exhuberant energy of summer isn't easy. But the wistfulness of summer passing means new opportunities are ahead. These days of equal light and dark have us grabbing a sweater in the cool of morning only to impatiently pull it off in the afternoon warmth. What a good time to visit your favorite patterns and consider new ways to interpret them for this in-between time of year. Using patterns you already know and love will save so much time!

Maybe the gradual change of seasons is the cue to return to the indoors, to your sewing/creating space and the new discoveries that await you there. I will be opening the studio a little later than usual this fall because of a learning opportunity that I am involved in which will be ongoing in September. But I welcome you back, both new and returning students, the first week of October. You can still send your inquiries via the Contact page on the website.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again,

Sewing Machine

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