I hope you'e enjoying this beautiful summer. Perhaps some of you were able to visit the Isabel and Ruben Toledo exhibit at the DIA before it closed in July. Inspiring on every level.

Part of my studio time this summer has been spent refining a pant block. Deconstructing European pants provided some real breakthroughs that I hope to share with you in the Fall.

You're right if you think that today's patterns don't fit like the ones you remember from earlier sewing days. There are several steps that you can take before beginning a project that will insure success. Start with an accurate set of measurements and use it to be honest about selecting your pattern size. Most patterns do need to be adjusted; they vary as much as retail clothing. The benefit of sewing is that it allows you to make those customized adjustments to obtain a perfect, personalized fit. Fit has always been my focus. Please don't hesitate to contact me with your concerns about fitting challenges.

This year's student were varied and so creative. Our community of sewers never ceases to amaze and inspire me!

Have a lovely summer and see you in September,


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